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The first concept is that of the insurance company, also known as an insurance carrier or simply an insurer. Insurers are usually large and established companies that offer policies in various areas of insurance (car, health, life, property, business, etc). They determine the stipulations in the policies, accept the risk, collect premiums from their policyholders, and utilize the pool of said premiums to distribute benefits when necessary.

Insurers must obtain a state-issued license if they wish to write and sell policies in that particular state. Each state has a Department of Insurance or similar regulatory body that supervises an insurer’s finances and market conduct (making sure they are financially sound and managing their business in an ethical manner) as well as the content of its policies and its rates. Insurers are required to contribute to the guarantee fund of each state they operate in; the state uses the guarantee fund to finance claims if an insurer goes bankrupt.

Insurance agents or brokers (often referred to as producers) are individuals or smaller companies that act as middlemen between the insurer and the policyholder. Producers are tasked with finding policies that best suit their clients’ needs. They too are licensed by the state and may only procure policies from state licensed insurers.

On occasion, insurers will not accept risks because they conflict with company-internal policies or because they are too great or unusual to consider. In these cases, a specially licensed surplus line producer can help you find coverage through excess and surplus line insurers who aren’t mandated by state licenses or bound to its rate and form regulations, thus giving them more freedom to determine policy standards and premiums in order to accept the risks the client has presented. Despite their “freedom of rate and form,” E&S insurers’ financial accountability is constantly being monitored to ensure clients don’t lose their coverage if the insurer goes under.

In a nutshell, E&S insurance is for insurance needs that are out of the ordinary: standard carriers may not see your needs as reconcilable with guidelines of the standard market or state regulations, and, therefore, decline coverage.That’s where E&S comes in: excess and surplus line insurers have the ability to accommodate risks that admitted carriers would consider too high by for their underwriting and pricing processes. Consider Iannone Insurance and Risk Management safety net—even if your risks are high, we’ve got you covered.

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As non-admitted insurers, excess and surplus line specialists have the ability to respond to unique insurance needs as well as market changes. E&S is particularly important in emerging industries, in the development and experimental stages of new products, in business sectors with volatile conditions, and in scenarios that lack insurance history.

You can imagine how difficult it would be to assess risk on a business concept or product that’s never been attempted or produced before. Our E&S insurance specialists at Iannone have years of experience in evaluating and gauging risks, customizing pricing, and establishing policies that satisfy the client’s needs and protect their business.

Our Team

David Iannone

David was born in upstate New York, and formerly resided in the Auburn, New York area. After graduating college in 1982 he moved to Florida. David spent the first 5 years of his professional career in the real estate industry, which he is still engaged in. For the last 20 years David had been growing the captive Nationwide Insurance franchise throughout SWFL, and in the past couple of years building out the branding of his independent agency: Iannone Insurance & Risk Management, which is now an entirely independent organization that has office locations Ft Myers, Florida.